The best way to build empathy skills is by practice with other people. The best way to build a team is to have them do real talk. Enroll your team in a mix of on-demand learning with live facilitation by expert trainers. Ensure their participation, and provide each participant with a certificate of completion. For more details fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you.

Who is Empathy Bootcamp for?

  • Do you want to be a better manager, leader, and coworker? Our on-demand training provides practical insights and practices in communication and connection, tailored to your Empathy Type, to help you build trust with your team (and at home).

    Individuals that care

  • We offer tools and processes to help you apply these lessons as a team. Our on-demand training comes with optional, live facilitation by outside experts. We also provide your team’s designated Empathy Steward a workbook of five minute to 30 minute exercises your organization can apply over months with individuals and your team to help build trust, efficiency, and improve communication.

    Teams that want to improve their communication

  • Like a basketball coach that doesn’t need to improve their jumpshot so much as help their players to, we give you playbooks to apply one-on-one and whole team coaching to help increase trust and improve communication. For those in management training, HR, ombudsman, and EAP, our on-demand training is supplemented with an extensive Empathy Bootcamp Field Guide with multiple applications.

    People experts

Ready to bring Empathy to your workplace?

What You Get

The Complete Empathy Bootcamp Package

  • A one-hour consultation to better understand and tailor to your specific needs

  • Revise and tailor content based on your needs

  • On-demand training combined with your choice of live expert team facilitation X 4 via zoom, or get our materials for your facilitation needs

  • Three monthly coaching calls to help you design, implement, and sustain change

  • Co-branded materials