Create a campus where students thrive

University students value what they learn in the classroom. They value what they learn about life even more. We help you with that. 

Empathy elevates students into leaders

Empathy predicts healthy personal and professional relationships. It fosters social responsibility. Creative problem solving. And supports diverse thought and opportunities. Expectations for empathy from others is high. Feeling able to show empathy to others, less so. Our training changes that.

Empathy Bootcampers

  • “This work is incredibly powerful. It gives us a way to talk to each other that allows us to be more fully ourselves”

    Karen May, Vice President of People, Google

  • "This workshop allowed us to go into our fears and strengths around how we care for others both personally and professionally. It helps all of us bring more of who we are to the world."

    Naomi Hoffer, UCSF Program Manager Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • “For a more caring work culture, I cannot recommend this training enough.”

    Megan Thiele, Human Resources Director, StoryCorps, NPR

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