What You'll Learn

  • How to support others

    Learn to use your inner strengths for building relationships that support people in times of personal distress.

  • Improved communication

    Improve your communication to hear what others want and express what you need and believe.

  • How to break tough patterns

    De-program past negative relationships patterns and learn how to relate with others in an emotionally balanced way.

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Don't Just Take It From Us

“This work is incredibly powerful. It gives us a way to talk to each other that allows us to be more fully ourselves.”

Karen May, Vice President of People, Google

“Our experience with the Empathy Bootcamp was phenomenal. I received countless comments about its depth and practicality. ”

Amy Hunter, Director of Equal Opportunity and Compliance, Smith College

“Taking this course was like wearing prescription glasses for the first time.”

Empathy Bootcamp participant, California Department of Education

“I am a better person for having taken this course. ”

Empathy Bootcamp Participant, University of California, San Francisco