• How do I know if this training is right for our organization?

    Our training best meets the needs of organizations struggling with any of the following:
    1. Managers and colleagues that don’t feel equipped to respond to emotionally loaded issues like employee depression or anxiety or anger.
    2. Managers and organizations that want to empower employees to respond to mental health issues without burning out.
    3. Organizations that want to stop the flow of referrals for services for low-grade mental health, bullying behavior, and exclusive practices.
    4. Teams that want to build trust.
    5. Clients that want exceptional training created with a mission to serve and a dedication to craft and learning.

  • Do you trainers know the specific issues we face in our sector?

    Our trainers, all certified with higher level degrees in adult education and social science, also represent diverse career backgrounds, including business, management, education, and government. Moreover, our training has been tailored with expert consultants in business, law, human resources, and ombuds studies. Empathic skills are foundational, yet their application is diligently tailored to different sectors and interests with appropriate case studies, scenarios, reflection and quiz questions.

  • Do you offer scaled employee on-boarding training?

    Our on-demand training can be adapted to your particular Learning Management System, or your company can work on our system. In addition, if you want to supplement on-demand training with internal facilitation we have train-the-trainer programs for Learning and Development specialists that receive an Empathy Intelligence Basic Trainer™ certificate.

  • What is the difference between empathy training and other training in emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and courageous leadership, for example?

    Our training developed unique communication tools for immediate application in tough conversations that make connection easier and foster trust. These tools are not used elsewhere, but they are useful for taking action on vulnerable conversations, demonstrating emotional intelligence, and creating safety. With you, our team can assess how our work can deepen the application of any existing frameworks your employees may have taken; but there is no redundancy in concepts. This training is highly actionable.

  • Do you provide compliance training?

    Our training is not your typical compliance training. We are a culture shifting training that breaks down emotional and intellectual resistance to diversity and emotional intelligence training. However, each participant takes a brief assessment that gauges a change in empathy towards others and in the likelihood of helping others and your organization can receive high-level assessments of change. You are free to use this as a compliance training, but our focus is transformation, not submission.

  • Can you just purchase just part of the training? Your on-demand course work is four-hours and live facilitation is 6-8 hours. That’s a lot of time our employees can’t afford.

    The method of our training is designed to build receptivity to empathy over the course of a sequence of courses, with each new concept and application being harder to implement. We can limit the number of courses to three during a consultation, or adjust for time management by eliminating the on-demand portion of the class. See below.

  • On-demand training has a problem with completion rates. How can you help us with that?

    On-demand training can be lifeless or schmaltzy. Our is not. Ninety percent of on-demand reviews rate the course as 5/5 for excellent. We use a mix of creative storytelling with masters in their craft alongside impassionssioned scientists sharing their information and useful reflection questions that foster personal growth.
    However, if your team or organization does not want on-demand training, we can increase the length of our live trainings to ensure we cover the material and leave time for application of the concepts. Just ask us about it.